The end (19-08-2005)

|RED| was an active Battlefield 1942 clan since 2002. Memorable are the number 1 spot of the Benelux and ofcourse the fun we always had. When BF-V arrived, things changed a bit. We tried to go on, but it didn't last long, it was a good, but short period.

Now, as we didn't have the spirit to continue and set up a new team for Battlefield 2, we decided to make |RED| a community and not an active clan anymore.

There were not many players who made the step to BF2 (at least as an active carreer), the ones who made it are in other clans now.

We thank everyone for their support in the past years.
Let the |RED|LAN's go on!

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Powered by fragmania (07-02-2005)

Since the recent choice of us, to stop playing BFV.
We have gotten some help from

They will help us keep the Market garden only server running, but for that the server name of the market garden only server will be changed a bit.

|RED| market garden only 1.61

|RED|market garden | fragmania

We want to thank Fragmania for helping us out and we hope you enjoy your stay on our servers!!!!

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We decided to stop playing BF-V (27-01-2005)

The BF-V section is no more. After the war next Saturday (29-01-2005) we will stop playing official BF-V matches.
The last months, we dealt with lack of interest by several members. So that's why we decided to come back later this year, when BF2 will hit the stores!
See you later all on the (new) battlefields

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Gelulkkig nieuwjaar!!! (01-01-2005)

Namens de |RED| clan wensen wij iedereen een gelukkig en voorspoedig nieuwjaar!!!!

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Patches (02-12-2004)

Voor BF42 en BF-V zijn nieuwe patches uitgekomen:

Battlefield 1942 Client incremental 1.61
Battlefield Vietnam Client incremental 1.21

Het schijnt te maken te hebben met veiligheidsissues.

Je kunt de patches al wel vast downloaden, maar installeer ze nog niet voordat onze servers erop draaien.

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|RED| servers are UP!!! (28-11-2004)

The movement of the |RED| game servers was taking a bit longer then expected, but almost every server will be up and running TODAY.
The following addresses are our new servers: (|RED| market garden only) (bf Vietnam server #1) (bf Vietnam server #2)

the query port for people who use hlsw is 23000.

We hope you can have as much fun as before the movement

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|RED| GAMESERVERS (25-11-2004)

De |RED| servers, dus ook de |RED| market garden only server, zijn tot zeker vanavond offline.
De server wordt verplaatst en het ip zal daarom ook veranderen.

Zodra er meer nieuws is zal het gepost worden.

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